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about brittany miller


When it comes to finding your dream home in the lovely Orange County community, you can rest assure that Brittany Miller is your ultimate go-to realtor. As a native of Orange County and a member of the elite Luxre Realty team, Brittany is extremely familiar with the neighborhood and is an expert at finding the perfect dream home for anyone. In fact, Brittany has established herself as "the local real estate guru". “Showing you around this community and giving you all my secrets is what I do best,” she said. “You are a first-class client when you work with me!

Brittany is a force of creativity and a resourceful powerhouse, providing a wealth of knowledge and a level of ingenuity to marketing. She is a master at leveraging networking, social media, and the internet to find solutions for any home buyer or seller. By listing with Brittany, you can be certain that your property will stand out from the competition. Your home will be advertised on all social media channels, including her personal website, Luxre Realty’s website,,,, and countless other websites that specialize in home searches.

One of Brittany Miller's primary sources of inspiration is her family. Brittany is motivated every day to give her all at work for her husband and their two children. She takes tremendous pride in showing her two young children the value of perseverance, moral integrity, and modesty and how these traits can contribute to achieving great success in life. As a result, when searching for your dream home with Brittany Miller, you can be confident that every ounce of attention to detail and consideration comes with your best interest at heart.

With her involvement in the San Clemente Downtown Business Association, her attendance at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, her role as a mother to three young children, a devoted wife, and simply your friendly neighbor, Brittany is the ideal realtor when purchasing or selling your home. She has shown unrivaled dedication to her work, the needs of the community, and the needs of her customers. Find the house of your dreams today with Brittany Miller!

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